About Us

There is strength in numbers. All over the world there exist communities, which work for the benefit of mankind as a whole. According to economists, some of these communities offer economic return (read profit) at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). However, methods employed to salvage this elusive profit have been pathetic at best.

Businessmen, managers, executives, call them what you will, have never been able to move away from the direct calculation of profit from every transaction. At the same time, it has been evident to this company ROYALLE CORPORATION that to leverage these poor, lower middle classes in geometric progression and high multiples of profit a company would have to create a social bio-sphere of its own giving the bottom of the pyramid classes a comfort zone to operate in. Once that happens, a lot of time, effort and monetary investment is poured in, only then will the BOP classes yield profits; not before.

The management at ROYALLE CORPORATION having realised that have decided to create and ride on the success of such BOP communities, which also incidentally work for the benefit of mankind and are seldom rewarded for their actions.

We are ROYALLE CORPORATION, a management power house which creates value out of places, concepts and situations where none previously existed.

The corporation

Royalle Corporation began as a lean management advisory in 1997. It did well as it had no competition but only thrived with globally active clients. The founder of Royalle Corporation found that Indian companies were not comfortable with a consultant's advice matters of business - specially to run a business, which they had begun and nurtured from day one. Indian business refused to see the objective value a lean management consultant would bring to the table.

In 2005, Royalle Corporation began what it does today - build communities and make a highly successful business out of this concept.

Magic of Football was the company's first steps towards this goal.

At the same time, the founders of this corporation have taken steps to make this company a systems and processes driven company. Operations and relationships are maintained as per policy and not personal tastes.

Every operating procedure is either already documented or is being documented by a dedicated human resources team.

We are on our way to stand beside all time greats in the history of business, such as Intel, Google, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, Logitech etc.

The management

Debasish Roy is a management consultant who has worked around the world in various projects to manage operations, infotech implementation, product management, lean management and brand building. Just like a wanderer, Roy has picked up nuggets of information and knowledge from every project he has worked on and has made it a single brick in the formation of ROYALLE CORPORATION. As a result, ROYALLE CORPORATION as a company reflects Roy's diverse knowledge and also his ability to manage teams across geographical and social borders. Roy is certified in corporate law, management, intellectual trade law, international trade law, online database technology, Internet related software and English Literature. Roy's points of interest are reading, oil painting, automobiles, visiting nature spots, cuisines, fitness and photography. He believes that any problem in any part of the world is essentially a management problem. Roy also believes that it is essential to dream totally crazy, impractical dreams to gain access to success.

Arunn Panchal has been an entrepreneur all his life. He has tried his hand at a welding shop, a bus transportation service for the public, a cyber cafe and a web development company. Panchal has never worked for any company or organisation as an employee and therein lies his strength. He thinks either like a customer or like an entrepreneur, whenever he handles a project. His mental work flow is never like an employee who does what he is told by management. In fact, on Panchal's sheet, there is no management, just the project. Innovation is part of his work flow everyday and he believes in the power of crazy, impractical dreams to gain access to success. Panchal's points of interest are high value business, visiting nature spots, networking and Internet technology, automobiles, relationship management and trekking.

The group

ROYALLE CORPORATION is the parent company and as sister corporations, we have a number of business enterprises in action. However, all these companies will always be referred to and remembered as part of the ROYALLE CORPORATION group.

The group visualises and incubates companies, which fulfill the following criteria:

a) The business model is about providing highest value to the consumer
b) The business model and the revenue model but result in delight to the consumer
c) The community building action for the concept must add to the happiness of the consumer
d) The revenue model should make a consumer feel a sense of belonging to the company

Currently, ROYALLE CORPORATION is working on 18 such projects

Our vision

ROYALLE CORPORATION as a company and as a team of professionals shares a common vision. We believe that every individual in this world, should be accorded the chance to enjoy life with health and happiness.

To achieve this, we work round the year to bring together members of communities who worked together but never interacted with each other. ROYALLE CORPORATION's efforts makes it possible.

Our first community, a community of football lovers around the world is one such example.

Mission statement

ROYALLE CORPORATION emphasizes product and service excellence in its solutions and services delivery. Governed by lean management principles ROYALLE CORPORATION is institutionalized with a set of quality management standards that serve as guiding principles of our overall operations to steer the company towards business success.

Product and Service Excellence Is Our Goal
Total Customer Delight Is Our Aim
Ongoing Improvement Is Our Direction

How it works

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